× Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update
In line with government advice, Righton Fasteners is continuing to operate to provide supplies to our customers who, in turn, are supporting critical maintenance, manufacturing and construction activities.
Where possible our office staff are working from home. Where staff cannot work from home, we are following social distancing guidelines on our sites. Our sites are closed to visitors.

We ask customers, as far as possible, to contact us and place orders by e-mail. Placing orders as early as possible in the day will assist us in ensuring service levels are maintained.
We are monitoring this evolving situation on a daily basis and will update our approach as necessary.


Righton Fasteners is a major specialist to the end user market in the UK. Predominantly a Stainless steel fastener stockist we are now able to offer brass, steel and plastic fasteners and have built up a network of engineering contacts throughout the world enabling us to offer many other specialised materials.


We aim to be more than just a material supplier to our customers by offering the 'Total Supply Package' - an ongoing partnership with our customers and suppliers with the specific aim of reducing the total acquisition. These are supported by our two fully automated packing machines and our customised ordering system.


Dedication to the continued development of our business coupled with our ISO 9001:2015 status, guarantees that exceptionally high quality products and service will always be the Righton Fasteners standard.